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Life is funny sometimes.  It can be good to you and it can be your worst enemy.  You just have to roll with the punches, take the bad with the good, and any other corny cliche you and think of.  For instance, my grandpa is 90 years old and has survived TWO heart attacks in the past 5 years.  You would think that would kill him.  Anyone else would have died from at least one heart attack, let alone two.  But he's still alive and kicking, miserable as all get out.  That's Life, playing with your mind. 

It may come as no shock that I HATE my job.  I like (most of ) the people I work with, but I hate having to go to Hell every morning, to a job that is dead-end, getting no respect, no thanks, no kind of gratitude for my work, being made to feel like I was lower than slime and anything I do is stupid - even when I was told to do it that way - and just being miserable for the 7.75 hours a day I'm at work. 

I've been looking for a new job, but as you know, things are kind of sparse in Michigan right now.  There are jobs out there, if I want to take a pay cut.  My option was stay miserable, or start at a new job with a pay cut and be miserable because I didn't have money.  Then Life intervened. 

I was perusing the web at work, like I always do, because I don't work at work, and on a whim I decided to check out the job postings on the State of Michigan website.  Low and behold, the State was hiring!  WOW!  I found a couple I thought I was qualified for and sent out my resume to the contact person listed.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Last month, I received a call from the Department of Treasury.  They wanted me to come in and take a preliminary test for their department.  I went, not thinking anything of it, because I've taken tests for the State before, and nothing has really come out of it.  But, I went and took their test.  I must say, it was easy.  I had to figure out Homestead Tax based on the information that was given to me.  It took me all of 10 minutes.  I checked, re-checked, triple-checked my information because I didn't think it could be that easy.  It was. 

Then I waited more.  Just when I though Life wasn't going to open the door for me, I received another call asking me to come back for an interview.  That was earlier this month.  Again, I waited.  And waited.  After about a week and a half I figured I hadn't made the final cut and resigned myself to finding a rejection letter in my mailbox.  Again, Life steps up to the plate.  I received a call yesterday from my interviewer OFFERING ME THE JOB!  Well, pending a drug test, SO I HAVE A NEW JOB!!  Starting July 13, I will be a State of Michigan employee, working in the Department of Treasury. 

I have to go down Thursday morning and take the drug test (read: pee in a cup), then wait until they "officially" offer me the job. 

Yes, Life is funny.  I'm waiting to see if Life will screw with my drug test and give it a positive result, just to play a cruel joke on me.  No matter, I'm not coming back to this Hell if it does.  I'll take the pay cut and go somewhere else. 


I've been neglecting my blog for Facebook (yes, I'm addicted), so I decided to post these pics here, as they will eventually show up on my Facebook account.

I decided I wanted to paint the kitchen and dining room a different color because I was tired of the light color and all the dirt it shows.  My only problem is the South wall the kitchen and dining room share.  I couldn't paint just the kitchen, because I couldn't paint half the wall.  Same goes for the dining room.  So, I decided to paint both rooms the same color, since it's pretty much one room, divided only by the flooring.  So here are the before and after pictures.  The South wall is not shown, because I haven't painted it yet. 


Kitchen half wall before:

Kitchen half wall after:

Kitchen wall before:

Kitchen wall after:

Sink area before:

Sink wall after:

Dining Room wall before:

Dining Room wall after:

Other Dining Room wall before:

Other Dining Room wall after:

That's it for now.  Tomorrow, I have to finish the kitchen walls - move the fridge and stove, try to take off the wallpaper - and do the main wall the two rooms share.  


Yesterday, I got home before Kenny, and our house, as always, was a mess.  So I did what I do every night when I get home from work - the dishes.  The water was nice and hot at the time.  Since Kenny had the boys, I headed downstairs to put a load in the washer and work out.  Normal nightly routine. 

I had my comforter in the dryer, and it really wasn't drying very well, so I put it on for another 80 minutes and thought nothing of it.  I did my work out, made my dinner (in the microwave), and straightened the kitchen.  Around 8:00, Kenny and the boys got home, so my straightening was for nothing. 

Kenny proceeded to make dinner on the grill and I got Garrett in the shower.  Again, nice, hot water.  Garrett got out and dressed, I headed downstairs to put another load in the washer, and Kenny got Clayton in the shower.  No hot water.  Now, Garrett wasn't in there very long, so there was no way he used all the hot water.  Clayton took a cold shower, and Kenny went out to check the propane tank.  There was 15% propane in the tank, BUT NO REGULATOR ON THE TANK.  The propane company came and took the regulator without informing us.  Therefore, no propane was coming to the house.  None.  I had no hot water, no heat for the dryer, no stove, NOTHING.  Thank God we have radiant, electric heaters throughout the house, because it got down to 20 DEGREES last night!  To wash the dishes Kenny and the boys had dirtied, I had to fill one of my casserole dishes with water, put it in the microwave for about 10 minutes, then fill the sink. 

This morning, I went to my parents house to use their shower.  I'll probably be borrowing their dryer this weekend, too. 

Kenny has been toying with the idea of switching everything to electric, and I guess this was the push he needed!  Wanna hear the irony to all of it?  There is a silver lining and everything happens for a reason.  Kenny mentioned last night he was surprised we haven't had to change our water heater, because it is 15 years old and is ready to give out.  This morning, when he went down to measure the area for the new, electric water heater (to be purchased sometime today), there was water all over the floor by the heater.  The water heater finally pooped out!  Could the timing have been any better? 

Oh!  And the place where we purchased our washer and dryer is down in Niles, MI.  We'll be going there to purchase our new, electric dryer.  So, where does Kenny have to go Monday?  South Bend, IN.  What's on the way to South Bend?  NILES!  What will Kenny be picking up on his way back through?  Our new dryer! 

Is that great, or what?!  A bad situation has turned out to be good (if you don't count the gobs of money we have to spend to convert everything)! 




So, those of you that know me, know in the past 8 or so years, I've become a fan of Ford vehicles, and most importantly, Mustangs.  Don't get me wrong - I've always loved the Mustang.  I think it's a great looking vehicle, loved the look of the older body styles, specifically the 1969 Fastbacks.  So, when Ford redesigned the 2005 body style, I was in lust.  Seriously, I wanted one in a bad way.  Baaaaaaaaad way.  Whenever I drove past a dealer and there was one on the lot, I'd covet it.  I'd see one drive by, and everything else would disappear.  I was secretly trying to figure out how I'd be able to own one.  I pretty much decided I'd never own one until it became a classic, and then, I still probably wouldn't be able to afford it. 

Kenny started looking through auto traders, because he wanted one, too.  He figured there would be a smashed one he could buy cheap and fix up.  There were some in there, but they were still big dollars.  Until one fateful day last week . . .

Kenny was looking through the Auto Trader as he always does, and found a 2007 Mustang in it, cheap.  Pretty much, for HALF of what they normally go for.  He showed it to me, with a huge smile on his face, and said, "I found your Mustang.  The exact color you want, and everything.  You should call on it."  So, I did.  It was Friday, January 9 when I called on it, and made an appointment for Saturday to go check it out.  Later in the day, Jordan - my extremely nice salesperson - called me back and let me know why it was listed so cheap.  It had hit something, and the radiator was bent back a little.  Plus, the back tires were bald.  We're talking one step away from racing slicks, bald.  His manager told him if they had a serious buyer, they'd knock another $1000 off!  EEE!  Now I really wanted it! 

Long story short, the papers were signed Saturday afternoon, and I became the proud, new owner of this:


We're going to pick it up this afternoon.  EEE! 


I just heard from my mom.  My brother's flight is cancelled; all flights tomorrow have been cancelled.  Unless he can get a flight out Christmas morning, he won't be here for Christmas. 

Merry Christmas.


CLAYTON:  "Daddy, what if Garrett and I were born on the same day, at the same time, at the same place?"

GARRETT:  "We'd be swans!"

KENNY:  "I think you mean 'twins', Garrett." 


We got to meet Dancer while we were there!  This is a picture Huckleberry took free of charge and sent via email.  Check out the over-enthusiastic reindeer handler.